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UMNA deeply appreciates all those who contribute money to UMNA and to special projects that support the Upper Monroe neighborhood!

Current Year Donors & Donations

Prior Year Donors & Donations


  • Not all donors are members. UMNA receives donations from individuals and entities that are not eligible for membership. Donations may be contributed by - and attributed to - a couple, a family, a business, an organization or any other legal entity. A member, on the other hand, must be an individual human. For more information about member eligibility see Information & Requirements.
  • UMNA neither identifies the amount of each donation nor does it group donations by amount. However, you will find the aggregate year-to-date dollar amount donated and the average donation calculated at the bottom of the donor list.
  • Income from donations come in two forms: money donations (cash, paper check, and EFT) and indirect donations in the form of unreimbursed expenses. In the later case we are referring to those neighbors who pay for an UMNA expense (garden supplies, for example) but do not want to be reimbursed by UMNA. UMNA recognizes those donors AND tracks the indirect expenses so the organization's budgeting and planning represent practical realities of how much money it takes to run the organization.
  • ​The Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association (UMNA) is NOT a registered 501C3 non-profit charitable corporation under federal IR​S​ rules. Donations to UMNA (including dues donations) are not considered charitable donations and therefore not tax deductible as such.
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