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Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association (UMNA)

This page introduces the Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association. The next Set of pages introduce the Upper Monroe neighborhood itself. After those pages you will find lots of additional information.

"You've got friends in Upper Monroe!"


The Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association (UMNA) is devoted to building community & improving the quality of life in the Upper Monroe neighborhood.


A strong neighborhood association is important for a neighborhood’s vitality and to help the community manage and adapt to the inevitable changes that come with time.


  • UMNA helps neighbors figure out what sorts of things should be done in the neighborhood; provides a forum to talk about those ideas and facilitates working together to take positive action.

  • UMNA shares information about neighborhood history, gardening, architecture, art, music and other cool stuff.

  • UMNA seeks opportunities to act in coalition with other groups, businesses, organizations and other entities to advance the interests of the Upper Monroe neighborhood and provide mutual aid.

  • UMNA produces & promotes fun activities that connect neighbors.

  • UMNA beautifies & otherwise strives to improve the neighborhood.

  • UMNA keeps neighbors updated on neighborhood news and events.

  • UMNA develops and maintains community gardens.

  • UMNA supports respectful, mutually beneficial relationships between neighbors; between landlords & tenants; between businesses & residents.

  • UMNA advocates for the residents and in the best interests of the neighborhood to all levels of government and in all other arenas.

  • UMNA works to preserve and protect parklands and greenspaces.

  • UMNA supports nearby businesses.

  • UMNA works to preserve historic structures found in the neighborhood.

  • UMNA helps neighbors in need.


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