🌳Care Of Our Green Streetscape

The trees & gardens located between our streets and our sidewalks are highly valued. This page is designed to provide resources and organize support for the health of our green streetscape.


In recent years neighbors have noticed the loss of "street trees" in Upper Monroe. Some of those trees have been replaced with new trees. This is a normal cycle. However, and the appearance of unsightly tree stumps on a number of streets in Upper Monroe

Interest in this issue has mounted as the City of Rochester began developing an Urban Forest Master Plan which includes trees located along our streets and in our parks.

WEBSITE LINK: City of Rochester Forestry Division - Resources - Home Page

ARTICLE LINK: Rochester’s trees are celebrated, but not everyone gets to have their time in the shade by Justin Murphy published in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on Apr. 9, 2022

The update process has included a number of community input meetings. As neighbors learned more about they began to think more deeply about the missing street trees and brainstorm ideas about how to support our trees and mitigate loses.

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