Zoning Alignment Project (ZAP)

This page provides information about the UMNA ZAP Workgroup established to facilitate Upper Monroe area residents' engagement with the City of Rochester's efforts to update its zoning code.


The City’s last comprehensive look at its Zoning Code took place in 2003. Since then, the City has changed; new residents, new businesses, new priorities, emerging trends, and a new vision for the future necessitate a comprehensive look at the City’s development regulations. This is an important task to allow for implementation of the City’s Rochester 2034 Comprehensive Plan – its vision – as many of the zoning district regulations currently in place may not relate to the current built environment, creating nonconformities, or may not allow for certain forms of development that the community has indicated that it desires.
The City of Rochester is currently in the process of update its Zoning Code. The process began before the pandemic with the first iteration presented for public comment in 2020/2021 and a subsequent iteration in 2021/2022. The third iteration is due late in 2023. The information provided below and to date represents a DRAFT. The final version is expected in 2024.

Overview of the project presented by the City of Rochester

Presented by the City of Rochester on October 18, 2323

UMNA's Zoning Alignment Project (ZAP) Workgroup

The UMNA ZAP workgroup was established in May, 2023. The first meeting took place in June, 2023.
UMNA ZAP Workgroup members: Jeanne Weber (Alliance Avenue); Duane Basch (Rosedale Street); Patrick Berl (Alliance Avenue); Melanie Berl (Alliance Avenue); Kit Miller (Hinsdale Street); and Rome Celli (Werner Park). Other neighbors (most notably Tim Guyot from Alliance Avenue) have participated in Workgroup meetings at various times. Dozens of other neighbors participated at city sponsored programs and at the UMNA special meeting on ZAP on January 13, 2024. Most recently, the Workgroup prepared & submitted a summary of opinions on ZAP (from Upper Monroe residents who engaged with UMNA on the issue) to the City of Rochester. See below.

Below you will find comments submitted by UMNA to the City of Rochester regarding ZAP on January 31, 2024

UMNA ZAP Comments 013124.pdf
Click on this link to download the document
What comes next on ZAP?
  • The City of Rochester’s ZAP team will review comments submitted by all interested parties and prepare a newly revised edition of the proposed zoning code. (Beginning February 1, 2024)
  • The newly revised proposed zoning code will be released. (Expected later in 2024).
  • Rochester City Council will hold public hearings on the newly revised zoning code.
  • Rochester City Council will vote on the newly revised zoning code.
  • When a final version of the zoning code is approved, the new zoning code will be implemented. (Expected late in 2024 or early in 2025).

The most recent meetings are listed at the top.
2024 January 23 Notes from ZAP Workgroup.pdf
Notes: ZAP Workgroup Meeting on January 23, 2023
Final Report UMNA ZAP Meeting January 13 2024.pdf
Meeting notes from a special meeting dedicated to ZAP on January 13, 2024
A large group of neighbors came out on a cold winter afternoon to talk about zoning and help shape the future of their neighborhood.
Duane Basch from Rosedale Street presents on building height allowances under the proposed new zoning code.
Jeanne Weber from Alliance Avenue presents on parking related matters under the proposed new zoning code.
Neighbors shared their views on a range of issues. A rich and respectful discussion resulted.
2023 November 02 - Notes from ZAP Workgroup.pdf
Notes: ZAP Workgroup Meeting on November 2, 2023
2023 August 28 - Notes from ZAP Workgroup.pdf
Notes: ZAP Workgroup Meeting on August 28, 2023
2023 August 02 - Notes from ZAP Workgroup.pdf
Notes: ZAP Workgroup Meeting on August 2, 2023
2023 June 12 - Notes from ZAP Workgroup.pdf
Notes: ZAP Workgroup Meeting on June 12, 2023

City of Rochester's public information meeting held on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 held at the Rundel Memorial Library.

Taken at a City of Rochester public presentation of the Zoning Alignment Project on Wednesday, November 29th at 6:30pm at the Rundel Memorial Library
DRAFT Proposed New Zoning in Upper Monroe

Zoning Categories Proposed for Upper Monroe

The categories proposed for Upper Monroe as well as the definitions of each category are in DRAFT form.
DRAFT Use and Permission Grid.pdf
Standards and Definitions.pdf
Zoning Board Decision Grid.pdf