Annual Meeting: Saturday, March 23, 2024

All UMNA meetings are open to the public. General meetings provide information & encourage discussion. Business/Annual meetings include decision-making. Only UMNA members may vote.

Meeting Time & Date

Saturday, March 23rd at 2:00 pm

Meeting Location

Please come early if you want to order something to eat or drink.

Meeting Agenda*

  1. 1.
    Business Meeting Items (15 minutes)
  • Election of 2024 officers (requires vote - UMNA members only)
    • Slate: TBA
  • Treasurer's Report and adoption of 2024 budget (requires vote - UMNA members only)

  1. 3.
    Panel presentation & discussion: Crosman Terrace Historic District and the potential of identifying another historic district in Upper Monroe. (30 minutes)
Recognized historic districts are a popular tool to help neighborhoods preserve important local history. Crosman Terrace secured an historic district designation in 2022. The Highland Park neighborhood did the same in 2023. The ABC Streets neighborhood secured a district many years ago. The Cobbs Hill neighborhood is in the process of doing so right now. Neighborhoods are preserving important homes and buildings in the process. Owners are saving thousands of dollars when undertaking needed exterior repairs. You will learn if your home can be included in an expanded district in Upper Monroe and what that might mean.
Guest Panelists:
  • Libby Ford, resident of Crosman Terrace and a leader in the effort to secure the Crosman Terrace Historic District, will talk about the driving rationale to create the Crosman Terrace Historic District, the process, the cost(s), the impacts over the past year since the designation became effective.
  • Megan Klem, Director of Preservation Services for The Landmark Society of Western New York, will provide information about the background & purposes of Historic Districts in general including the distinction between Rochester's "Perseveration Districts" and the National Registry's listing of "Historic Districts". She will also touch on the tax credits owners can use to help offset needed exterior repairs to homes located within a recognized district.
  • Bob Thompson, president of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association, will describe HPNA's experiences developing their district; what distinguishes the district in HPNA from the district on Crosman Terrace; and how the HPNA experiences may inform UMNA's interest in a larger district.

  1. 4.
    Various Reports (30 minutes)
  • Update on various UMNA activities
  • Prep for 2024 “Clean & Preen” (Clean Sweep) - Saturday, May 4th
  • Liaison: City Council (Mary Lupien)
  • Liaison: County Legislature (Lisa Hasman)
  • Liaison: Cobbs Hill Village (Lee Sengbusch)
  • Liaison: Wide Water Gardens (Gail Weiser)
  • Liaison: Washington Grove (Kristy Liddell)
  • Report: Southeast Neighborhood Service Center (SE NSC)
  • Report: Rochester Police Department - Goodman Section
Printable Agenda Annual Meeting March 23 2024.pdf
*The sequence of these agenda items may vary.
This program is free and open to the public. You do not have to be a member of UMNA to attend. Only members will be allowed to vote on matters identified above.