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The Upper Monroe neighborhood is a compact area. All the districts for elected representatives are the same for everyone in the neighborhood.


This information is organized with citizen advocacy in mind and based on the Upper Monroe neighborhood residents' constituency relationship with each level of government. In other words, the list below is limited to districts/offices/officials that will appear on the ballot before voters registered in the Upper Monroe neighborhood at one time or another.* These are the elected officials residents of Upper Monroe contact as constituents at each level of government.
Within each level of government the smallest district size is listed at the top on the principle that the elected officials closest to residents may take action more readily. Keep in mind that city matters would go to city representatives; K-12 education matters would go to the city board of education and so on.

Elected officials List

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East District Representative (includes Upper Monroe)

Mary Lupien - (585) 428-7513 - [email protected]
East District - City of Rochester City Council

At Large Representatives

Miguel A. Meléndez, Jr., Council President - (585) 428-6056 - [email protected]
Mitch Gruber - (585) 428-6924 - [email protected]
Willie J. Lightfoot - (585) 428-7538 - [email protected]
Stanley Martin - (585) 428-6935 - [email protected]
Kim Smith - (585) 428-7538 - [email protected]


Malik D. Evans, 30 Church St. Room 308-A Rochester NY, 14614 (585) 428-7045 [email protected]
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